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I’m absolutely a morning person. I didn’t used to be one. There was a time when I thought in very black and white terms – you either ARE a morning person or you’re NOT and at that time, I was certain I was NOT a morning person even though I kind of wished I was.

Then I learned that I could learn to LOVE the mornings. I practiced getting up early. It wasn’t always easy. I didn’t always want to. My bed was so warm and out of my bed was so not warm. But there’s some simple things you can try on if you kinda, sorta, maybe wanna be a morning person too.

First, snag yourself a rock solid reason of why you want to get up early.You need something to LOOK FORWARD TO. There’s no way I’m getting out of bed to clean or do laundry. For me, it’s the fact that it’s the ONLY alone time I get all day. Rock solid reason enough! There’s so many other benefits too – I live what feels like an entire DAY before my family even wakes up. It’s beautiful and super productive and allows me to focus more on them when they finally get their bums out of bed.

Second thing, write down a list of empowering thoughts to help you “win” the battle over your early morning mind:

I have control over my body. My body does not control me.

I feel so much better when I get up.

I can do hard things.

I love mornings.

I AM totally a morning person.

My favorite thing to do is sing a silly girls camp song, “ALIVE, AWAKE, ALERT, ENTHUSIASTIC! (in my head of course, pretty sure the husband wouldn’t appreciate a morning serenade). I’d sing it for you but I’m not gonna. You can listen to it here…it’s quite catchy!

Last thing, Just DO it– insert Nike slogan. Seriously, your brain is going to try and sell you on all the reasons you should just stay in bed. You can agree, yup, that’d be nice but I’m getting up anyway and then DO IT.

Don’t make mornings the villain and you a victim to it. You’re stronger than that. Get up and get moving! You’ll thank yourself later for doing it.


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