How to Keep that Valentine’s Spirit Up All Year Long

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I hope everyone had a beautiful Valentine’s day yesterday! I want to teach you how to keep that spirit alive and make it EVEN BETTER with you today. But first, I have to share something.

We kind of LOVE Alice in Wonderland at our house. Maybe the chaos of it all resonates with our family. One of our favorite scenes (as I’m sure it is for a lot of people) is the Unbirthday scene. Come on, you know the song. Are you singing it?

A very merry un-birthday toooooo yooooou! (if you don’t know what this is click here – it’s too fun not to know)

364 Days of Celebration

I love how the Mad Hatter and the March Hare are so excited about this celebration and they say something along the lines of, “Why celebrate your birthday only once a year when you can celebrate your un-birthday 364 days?!”

I love Valentine’s day. I love that there’s a day that focuses on love, giving love to others, sharing our time and gifts with each other, writing valentines and cards to friends and loved ones letting them know how much they mean to you. Okay, the candy is fun too (or at least my kids think so).

Why Limit Valentine’s Day to Just ONE Day?

So why limit this great day and these amazing feelings to just ONE DAY? Why not find a way to celebrate this day that recognizes this great feeling?

Dallin H. Oaks said, “Love is the most powerful force in the world.”

Why not work to find a way that can keep that spirit of loving ourselves and others alive and thriving? I have an idea that I want to offer you today that is certain to work.

But before I tell you what that is I have to backtrack just a tiny bit.

Advice from the Mission President

I was at a church meeting several months ago now where the mission president spoke and said that he encourages his missionaries to always look for miracles. At their weekly meeting with him the missionaries are supposed to share with him a miracle they’ve seen that week – which sounds like a lot – I mean, a miracle? Really? Every week? and I’m not talking about just ONE miracle. It’s at LEAST ONE miracle PER missionary per week. And let me tell ya, there’s A LOT of missionaries in our area.
And…what I believe counts as another miracle is that THEY DO. THEY FIND IT. THEY SEE IT – EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. It’s there and it’s incredible.

The mission president shared with us a few of those miracles and they were no doubt amazing and miraculous. He shared with us his testimony and firm belief that miracles do happen regularly and that they are all around us…if only we have eyes to see them, if only we will look for them.

This is the KEY. THIS is how we can keep the spirit of LOVE alive and well and THRIVING each and every single day of our lives.


There are many opportunities to see acts of love: strangers smiling at one another, an opportunity for a kind conversation or gestures of goodness and love.

Right around Christmas time I had to some last minute shopping. I’m all for shopping but I try to avoid it at all costs around Christmas time because well, I’m sure you know: The crowds, impatient people (myself included), frustrated people, no parking, road rage, etc. But this afternoon there was no going around it.

I pulled up to Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite stores) and there was this gentleman standing outside. I don’t know if he was waiting for someone inside or what he was doing outside – whatever his reason was I am grateful for it. I’d like to believe he was simply there to add love to that area, to the lives of the people that interacted with him. I’m sure he had a different reason but that’s how I chose to see him.

A group of older ladies went in the store before me and he grabbed the door for them. Another woman came out of the store at the same time and he exchanged kinds words with her. As I got closer to the entrance I smiled at him and he looked directly at me and said in such a genuine tone, “Thank you for your smile.”

I loved that. Who thanks someone for their smile? It meant even more this whole exchange because I went into this adventure looking for the bah humbug-ness, the crowds and surprisingly instead I was met with this person that just exuded niceness.

He was gone when I came out but it absolutely warmed my heart and gave me something better to look for. He ignited my focus towards love. All day as I ran from place to place I saw all these other acts of kindness, love, courtesy, and just a lot of goodness. When I looked for love, I found it.


Love IS all around us. There are so many wonderful people, so many genuinely GOOD people that share their kindness, their love with the world and it’s amazing to see and witness. It’s motivating and inspiring and helps propel us to contribute.

Love feels amazing. It’s amazing to be the receiver of love and even more amazing to be the giver of love.

Appreciate the goodness – the LOVE

Today as you go through the day look for LOVE. Appreciate the kind people around you. Add to the kindness. Do what you can do. Smile at others. Hold the door open for someone. Call a friends. Mail a letter. Compliment someone – genuinely compliment someone. Do what you can do with what you have today. If it’s only a smile then that’s enough – more than enough.

Russell M. Nelson said, “Look for the good in each other and sincerely pay compliments” 

Look for the love in each person and then vocalize it. SHARE it. Help it blossom and grow. Remember, YOU are the only one that gets to feel what you create. If you’re creating LOVE then YOU FEEL that LOVE. And love is the most POWERFUL force – why wouldn’t we want to feel that as much as possible?

I promise you that while you’re sharing your kindness and looking for love that you’ll find it. You’ll create more of it for you and it’ll feel incredible.

If you do this you’re guaranteed to have that glorious Valentine’s day spirit all year long. You will continue to be FILLED with love day in and day out!

Happy Un-Valentine’s Day!


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