3 Lessons from Anatomy Class: Abundance, Fun, and Authenticity

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I just have to brag for a minute about one of my favorite people on the planet. One of my dearest and favoritist- (roll with it) friend is kind of amazing…Okay, she’s not “kind of” amazing. She’s just flat out AWESOME and I just love her. Read about her incredible and unexpected experience and learn how you can bring your own authenticity to your daily activities to inspire, uplift, and share your light with the world.

So yesterday she had…and CREATED this neat experience. In her anatomy class today which is mostly memorization and one that not too many people can boast is their “favorite” she found a way to make it ridiculously fun and memorable for herself, the other students, and the even the teacher!

As she and her fellow classmates were teaming up into study groups and forming a plan to tackle the semester the best way they could one person asked if he could study with her. She welcomed the opportunity and instead of just “quizzing” each other – which is what I would have done and most likely just about everyone else too – she asked if he’d be willing to make it into a game. Like, face each other and pretend there’s a buzzer and whoever knows the answer the first slaps their hand on the table while making the iconic buzzer sound.

This caught his attention and several others at this point. After a slight debate about what the fictional bell/buzzer sound should be the agreed on the only sound appropriate for this type of setting and so it was deemed that whoever knew the answer first would need to shout,
“Ka-KAH!” and the give their best guess (have you seen the movie Robots with Robin Williams? – there’s a Ka-Kah scene and it’s hilarious thinking of her college class doing that with that with this clip in mind – if you haven’t seen it, here you go – watch the clip HERE)

As you can imagine this started a ripple effect that reached everyone in the class and the teacher until everyone was engaged, having so much fun, and learning what they needed to prepare for the big exam coming up.

They had so much fun that the professor decided it would be a great idea to invite the other lab class to join them on another date so that this other class could join in on the fun of learning.

No one woke up today thinking or knowing that this would transpire. No one planned this. But at the end of the day everyone of those people felt uplifted, smarter, and more connected with others all because my amazing friend is amazing.

She was just being her (channeling her inner 14 year old 🙂 – I’m mean, her spirited soul) and she brought her authentic, genuine self to this class and EVERYONE benefited from the gifts and talents she naturally has.

She told me that in the beginning she noticed that some of the other students were very selective of who to invite into their study groups in fear that some might do better than them. The game she created and inspired wasn’t another way to instill competition and seeing who knows the most or who would “win” – although…she totally won. She just said that she was feeling tired and didn’t want to just memorize facts. She needed something to wake her up and be fun! There was no need to compete – the class isn’t graded on a curve – they can ALL make it and they can ALL succeed in this challenging course.

In fact, it’s so much more fun to root and cheer for each other than to sit in fear and scarcity that someone has more than you or will do better. It’s going to be a great semester, I’m sure.

I was so impressed by her experience I had to share it with you today. When she told me this, I immediately heard these three things that stood out to me and that can help all of us on our life’s journey. Try them out and share your authenticity with the world and make a difference everywhere you go:

1. BE YOURSELF – bring your you-ness EVERYWHERE and let all the other
people around you BENEFIT because of the unique and specific talents you
possess. – I know she didn’t look at this as “sharing her talents” – she just saw
an opportunity to make something rote and boring into a game that would
entertaining and fun. Bringing your authenticity helps so many people and inspires people.

Be- YOU!What do you have that others can benefit from? What
do you naturally do just by being you? I bet it’s more than you think!

2. Abundance – my favorite. There wasn’t any need to feel fear or scarcity
that others might do better than you – there is ENOUGH A’s for everyone.
This class doesn’t need to be a stressful environment. It can be fun and
positive because everyone is rooting for everyone. There is MORE than
enough for everyone. Can you find the abundance in your life? Can you
see and believe -really believe that there is MORE than enough for

3. BRING the FUN – When something isn’t fun – it’s not the circumstance to
blame. The circumstance isn’t what makes something fun – YOU make it
fun. Fun is just a thought – decide something is FUN and it will ignite
creativity in your brain until you figure out a way to MAKE it FUN. You
can bring the fun ANYWHERE at ANYTIME – even a college anatomy class.
Next time you find yourself somewhere that’s not the most exciting or
entertaining, decide that you will BRING the FUN. It’s just a thought –
something you can easily tote with you ANYWHERE.

Thanks Erin, you’re a GEM! Mwah!




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