How to Stay Positive in a Negative World

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We live in a world at a time where it is SO EASY to be negative. All you have to do is pop on the daily news for a few minutes and you’ll get updates AND a heaping side of negativity and cynicism too. But negativity doesn’t feel good and it certainly isn’t going to generate positive thoughts. So HOW can you keep a tight grasp on your optimism and not be lured into downer-ville?

Negativity = Scarcity

First, you need to realize that all the negativity, cynicism, and critics out there stem from SCARCITY. There’s not enough of something. There isn’t enough peace. There isn’t enough kindness. There aren’t enough resources.  There isn’t enough power. There isn’t enough control. There isn’t enough love. There isn’t enough, there isn’t enough, there isn’t enough…

THIS scarcity can ONLY lead you towards the negative side of the spectrum. So just be mindful of this – when you find yourself starting to travel down this road ask yourself these questions:

Questions to ASK yourself

What is the UPSIDE to thinking this way? How is this benefiting me/effecting me?

Is there an upside? If not, then it’s not serving you and it’s time to decide if you really want to keep hanging on to it or not.

Scarcity pops up A LOT. It pops up in all kinds of places too, some you wouldn’t even expect but there it is! What’s the upside? For me, there isn’t an upside. I find that when I indulge in scarcity I start to feel anxiety rise up, and then overwhelm, and then worry! Nothing good.  If I don’t recognize it for what it is immediately then it snowballs and I end up expending  A LOT of my precious (and limited) energy on inner chatter and ultimately while I’m down this path I’m also not progressing.

Not good.

Active Attention

It takes work and active attention to notice, be aware, and decide what you WANT to do about it. I find that ABUNDANCE is the key. Abundance and scarcity cannot co-exist. I can’t feel full and believe that there’s more than enough when at the same time I’m also worried there’s not enough.

MORE than enough

Abundance is not just having enough or exactly what you need, it’s having MORE than enough. There’s MORE than enough time. There’s MORE than enough opportunities. There’s MORE than enough wealth. There’s MORE than enough LOVE.

Abundance feels AMAZING. Abundance propels you into action because it’s energy producing.

When you have an abundant mindset you’re open to and see possibilities and opportunities everywhere. You exude gratitude and appreciation and no matter what you KNOW that everything is going to be okay. Everything is figureoutable. You’re never stuck when you’re in an abundant mindset because you know there’s not just A solution there’s an array of them! You just need to dig a little deeper and access your creativity to find them.


Steven Pinker, the author of the book, Enlightenment Now

Said: “Keep some perspective. Not every problem is a crisis, plague, epidemic, or existential threat…problems are inevitable; but problems are solvable…We take so many gifts for granted. Newborns who will live more than eight decades, markets overflowing with food, clean water that appears with a flick of a finder, and waste that disappears with another, pills that erase a painful infection, critics of the powerful who are not jailed or shot, the world’s knowledge and cultures available in a shirt-pocket.”

All these things and so many MORE are available to us. We cannot argue that this world is abundant and wonderful, right?

The 10-4 Rule – Over and Out

So for this week – I want to give you this ONE thing you can do ANYWHERE at ANYTIME to stay positive even though there is scarcity looming around every corner:


List 10 things that you are grateful for – the second you see or feel scarcity – remind yourself of the abundance that surrounds you!

The 4 part is to find abundance in the area you’re at right that very second. Name 4 things where it proves that abundance is overflowing in the world. Note: You CANNOT use anything twice – Find something NEW.

There was an address* (info at the bottom) that I heard years and years ago and it spoke of this incredible woman who not only survived a Japanese internment camp but was able to find abundance daily. She was beaten and abused and left near dead on several occasions. I believe many people would have buckled under the pressure that this woman endured but through it all – her saving grace was her belief in an abundant God that provided her and would continue to provide a way for her to have everything she needed…and He did. And she became a HUGE source of light and hope to all around her.

Here is it decades later and she is still an example of light and hope to me and many others. If she, in those dire and terrible circumstances could stay positive, find abundance, and see many things to thank God for – We can too.

This is how we’ll be able to stay positive in ANY circumstance. FIND the abundance. It’s ALWAYS there. Change your perspective and actively look for the good.

Be a light to yourself and others. Look for the abundance – you will find it without a doubt! And you will feel abundantly amazing because of it too!



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SOURCE: As I have loved you by Kitty De Ruyter – Internment camp story – be warned: YOU WILL CRY…a lot! But it’s SO SO good.

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