On Being Enough

We’ve all seen the phrase, “You are enough”, right? You do enough, you say enough, you are enough. I’ve never liked this phrase. For so many women it’s just something that’s not believable. Anytime they do something good and even thought for a moment that what they did was praiseworthy their inner voice quickly reminds them of all the other ten billion plus areas that still needed to be improved and are yet lacking. Putting them right “back in their place”. Sounds fun, yes? Oh, Thanks inner me. Like I could forget. So when a lot of women hear the phrase, “you are enough” It rubs them the wrong way. They don’t feel like they’re enough. They’re way too aware of all of their faults, of all the areas that still aren’t enough. So it’s just better not to even dare tell themselves that. It’s just too painful to hear what comes after. The inner chatter is almost too much to bear for a lot of women sometimes and it’s negatively effecting other areas of their lives. Most of the time they won’t say anything. It’s way too vulnerable and personal and PAINFUL so they just keep it hidden from the world. They keep it locked inside. They think they can hide it behind a smile and going about their daily routine. But at some point it becomes too agonizing and something needs to change. I want to give you some help if this is you. What happens on the inside does reflect on the outside. It shows in your posture, in your ability to interact with others, in the words you say, and the things you allow yourself to do. Listening to this negative self talk is holding you back from more than you realize. First I want you … Continue reading On Being Enough