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Have you been in suspense this entire time?! Are you ready for the announcement?! Here it goes:

My site and coaching program is being EXTENDED to focus on Parents AND Teens – not PARENTING TEENS but a place for Parents AND Teens. I want this to be a place where both parents and teens can come, learn, apply, and grow. I want to offer opportunities for parents and teens to learn how to strengthen their relationship with themselves and with their families. 

Let me tell you WHY I’m extending this…changing this…I speak to so many families that struggle to effectively communicate or to experience an open connection with their teens. I speak to many parents that feel frustrated, sad, and guilty thinking that something has gone wrong because they’re not as close to their teens as they wish they were. I’ve talked to teens that feel insecure around their parents afraid that they won’t be accepted or fully valued.

I know this isn’t true on both accounts – Parents are doing a great job. Teens ARE loved and valued but there’s something missing because parents and teens feel the gap widening. Coaching can help both of you to regain your power, to bridge the gap and create forever lasting bonds of openness, love, and rich communication with your teens while they’re still in your care.

This is a safe place for both TEENS and PARENTS to ask questions, to reach out and learn necessary tools to create the relationships you both want.  We spend so much time, energy, thoughts worrying about our teens. We want the BEST for them and us.  Most programs, camps, and other sites that claim solutions are only offering a bandaid fix because nothing will be changed until you become aware of what the real issue is…their thinking, their brain…YOUR thinking and what’s going on in your mind. 

The only thing that ever needs to be focused on is what’s happening in your brain – in your teens brain and yours. That’s why this program is different. That’s why this program WORKS. I’m NOT an advice, parenting quick fix coach. I don’t claim to know exactly what you or your teen should or shouldn’t do. I don’t know if you should pull them out of soccer or if you should enroll them in more activities. I don’t know your child like you do. 

I DO know however how to show them their minds. I know how to show YOU your mind and how to offer you relief, comfort, and a way to grow and to get what you want – what both YOU and your TEEN wants.

I wish I had these tools when I was in High School. These tools literally changed my life and my family’s lives. How different would your life be if you learned how to have total confidence in yourself and what you bring to the world? How different would you have been if you knew how to create healthy, strong relationships with healthy boundaries? How different would you have been if you learned how to limit the inner chatter and could show up always as your best self?

It’s not too late for you either…I’m telling you – these tools will revolutionize your life in the best way possible. You’ll be able to make peace with your past and learn to love and connect with others in your life. You’ll be able to whole heartedly love YOU and start to realize your great capacity and value and all the wonderful thing you can do in the world. You will NOT want to miss this opportunity.

Families will be forever changed because of this program – because of these tools. Parents and teens can finally close the gap and create the bonds, connection, and open communication they both long for and desire. 

I hope you’ll stick around because more good things are coming this way!!!


Can’t wait?! Sign up for a FREE MINI SESSION. Let me help you work through this and give you a start to creating exactly what you want. Book that HERE

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