A List of Loves

I’m sure if I asked you write down a list of the 10 things you value most, the things you love it wouldn’t be very difficult and it you could think of them pretty quick. We value our family, our time, our faith, our freedom. But as we progress through the day(s) sometimes we find these values and these loves getting put on the back burner while others things take the bulk of our energy instead. Motivated By Love I’ve always loved the question what if everything we did were motivated by love? I assumed the answer would be that our world would be a beautiful place and that peace and harmony would abound. But what I didn’t realize or think about was that everything we do in our lives already IS motivated by love but we love differently and we love different things. To achieve that peace and harmony in the picturesque world we would need to all be focused on our love of others and wanting their well being over our own. But what happens instead is that we’re so focused on our own lives and all the daily things that we get our loves out of order and out of alignment with what we really deep down want and believe. Loves Out Of Order David Brooks introduced this concept in his book, “The Road To Character” when he said, “We often put our loves out of order. If someone tells you something in confidence and then you blab it as good gossip at a dinner party, you are putting your love of popularity above your love of friendship. If you talk more at a meeting than you listen, you may be putting your ardor to outshine above learning.” It isn’t a question of not being motivated by … Continue reading A List of Loves