3 Lessons from Anatomy Class: Abundance, Fun, and Authenticity

I just have to brag for a minute about one of my favorite people on the planet. One of my dearest and favoritist- (roll with it) friend is kind of amazing…Okay, she’s not “kind of” amazing. She’s just flat out AWESOME and I just love her. Read about her incredible and unexpected experience and learn how you can bring your own authenticity to your daily activities to inspire, uplift, and share your light with the world. So yesterday she had…and CREATED this neat experience. In her anatomy class today which is mostly memorization and one that not too many people can boast is their “favorite” she found a way to make it ridiculously fun and memorable for herself, the other students, and the even the teacher! As she and her fellow classmates were teaming up into study groups and forming a plan to tackle the semester the best way they could one person asked if he could study with her. She welcomed the opportunity and instead of just “quizzing” each other – which is what I would have done and most likely just about everyone else too – she asked if he’d be willing to make it into a game. Like, face each other and pretend there’s a buzzer and whoever knows the answer the first slaps their hand on the table while making the iconic buzzer sound. This caught his attention and several others at this point. After a slight debate about what the fictional bell/buzzer sound should be the agreed on the only sound appropriate for this type of setting and so it was deemed that whoever knew the answer first would need to shout, “Ka-KAH!” and the give their best guess (have you seen the movie Robots with Robin Williams? – there’s a Ka-Kah scene and it’s … Continue reading 3 Lessons from Anatomy Class: Abundance, Fun, and Authenticity