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“Being a one of a kind means we are automatically the best in the world at what we do.”
― Victor WIlliamson 

Just Be You

Recognize what you have to offer in this world: your own talents and your own style add to the world and make it better. You don’t ever have to be like someone else or do what someone else does. When we focus on comparing ourselves to others and try to copy them we quiet our uniqueness and hinder the special contribution we could make. Just by being YOU, you’re automatically the best at being you.


Last month we had big plans to make real fancy gingerbread houses. The kind that you have to make your own gingerbread and the superglue type frosting. I went to town pinning several ideas on Pinterest and my kids asked daily if today was the day. But the busier the month became the less motivated I was to make fancy gingerbread and we ended up just doing the graham cracker and cheap frosting route. Simple, easy, and best of all done. My kids still loved it, who wouldn’t sugar, candy, frosting, and more sugar. It was fun watching as they each put together very different structures.

My oldest just wanted candy and could care less about making the house look a certain way. So she built four walls and inside of those walls had filled it to the BRIM with candy then added a covering and a roof to hide it from her mother…but mother’s know all…

My oldest son made a house with just as much candy as my oldest was hiding but he didn’t bother trying to sneak anything. His walls were covered with so much sugar you didn’t even know that graham crackers were under there.

My younger daughter built a block. Four walls and a flat roof with minimal candy.

Then my youngest, my six year old son built a house that looked similar to the others – all four walls were standing and there was frosting and candy galore on it but he wasn’t happy. He kept looking at the others and seeing what they were doing with ease and confidence and then he’d look at his and frown. He would say that “theirs look better than mine does. They do it better.”

We kept telling him there was no standard of what constitutes a good gingerbread house or not and that his was looking awesome in it’s own rite but in his mind he had some vision of how his house “should” look and it wasn’t what it currently was. The interesting thing was that no one was bragging about theirs. Each kid was just happy that I let them have frosting and candy I think. But still, here was the six year old feeling frustrated and disappointed that he wasn’t living up to some standard or expectation he had created in his own mind.


There’s the lesson for us all…We each create these fictional standards or expectations for ourselves of what we THINK we should be doing or have done in our lives and we feel disappointed that we’re not living up to them. We tend to spend a lot of time looking outward at others and what they’re accomplishing or what they accomplished that we lose site of the fact that we’re already the best us. There is NO rule book that says we SHOULD have accomplished __________________ by this point. No where does it say what you have to do in order to claim success.

We create heartache, disappointment, discouragement, and sadness on our own when we look more to others and compare than to just focusing on our own lives. There’s no one way fits all. There’s always more than one way to solve a problem. Each person is unique and different for a reason. The diversity is what makes this world so beautiful and special and anything but boring.

Focus on what YOU can create

This week instead of looking at others and what they have or who they are or what they can do and compare ourselves to them – TRY to turn your focus on what you have, who you are, and what you can do. Focus your thoughts on being the best YOU you can possibly be.

I love that Dr. Seuss says, “
“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

Don’t worry about what others are doing. Focus on what you are doing. Focus on why you are doing what you’re doing. Find your purpose and then get to work adding your contribution to the world. Leave comparing aside and all that it carries with it. Just be you. Do what you can do. Add your unique voice, expression, and style to the world. It feels so much better!

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