What Will You Create?

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What Will You Create?

I love to create. I’m a big paper crafter and I love sewing. I really like making these “mini books”. They’re so fun to make and I love looking back at them and admiring them. I’ve made several now and more than half of them are still without pictures (what it was initially intended for) but they’re so pretty by themselves that even without the pictures they’re still beautiful and a piece of art so I don’t mind them being only “half done”.

It feels so good to complete a project and look at it and think, “This wasn’t here before. I MADE this.” And then I go find my husband so he can Oooo and Ahhh with me – which he usually doesn’t so I prompt him, “Honey, this is an ooooo moment.” Then he obliges and Ooooo’s with me. But I don’t need him to love it and I don’t really need his Oooo’s either even though it’s fun to get them because I love it and I can admire it and know that it’s awesome solely for the fact that I created something.

When was the last time you created something? Anything. How did it feel? What motivated you to do that? Dieter F. Uchtdorf said,

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul”

I love this because we came to earth with this innate desire to create, to build, to grow and expand our capacity in the world, to contribute in a way that only we can. It’s part of our divine DNA to create. How amazing is it to look back at what you’ve made and know that it wasn’t there before? You made that! You brought something new into the world, something to contribute. That’s incredible.

The New Year is quickly approaching. What do you want to create this coming year? Do you know? How will you add to the world?

Everyone is Capable of Creating

For those of you thinking you can’t create anything or that you’re not crafty, listen up…this is for you: EVERYONE is capable of creating, everyone. You have talents and gifts and the ability to bring newness into the world that others cannot. You need to spend some time thinking about what those gifts are. Some gifts we won’t discover until we try new things. Some gifts you use on a daily basis but you’re not counting them as gifts or as talents you’re just using them. Think back upon your day or your week: What did you create that wasn’t there before? Food, conversation, writing, art, mechanics, something on the computer, something for church/neighbors/friends/family, etc

“Every creative act, however small, enriches our species and the world around us. To find and nurture talent, is to be truly wealthy.”
― Stewart Stafford

We spend so much time creating we don’t even realize we’re doing it and we take it for granted. There was this adorable lady in my previous area. I love this lady. Her talent is loving…which IS a talent and a really, really awesome one. She is just so good at looking at others with kindness, compassion, and love. It’s a gift and a talent. She gives THE BEST hugs and when she smiles you know it’s genuine so it means all the more. I love being around her, who wouldn’t with this gift?! She creates love and bonds of friendship that weren’t there before. She creates an opening for others for them to be able to pause and think about her kindness and love so they can choose to open up and feel acceptance and a soft heart.

Another friend of mine is an incredible cook. She goes out of her way to try new recipes for my family and our dietary needs. She doesn’t have to do that but she loves to create and she loves to share. She contributes love, kindness, and generosity to the world besides the tangible gifts of food. This is a talent and a gift of hers.

Another friend is amazing at listening. This is most certainly a talent and a gift! She creates a window for others to be able to share pieces of themselves with her. She creates genuine conversations that weren’t there before – that if she wasn’t good at listening, might never have been.

Someone else I know and love journals a lot. She writes down her thoughts and feelings. She writes down her plans and goals. She is creating art that wasn’t there before. What a beautiful art, to be able to stare at a blank page and fill it with the inner workings of your mind. How I would LOVE to look at my ancestors writings and their thoughts as they worked through trials, as they experienced wins, as they looked on others in love.

What Talents and Gifts Do You Have?

What have you created? What do you want to create? What can you contribute to the world? What can you make that wasn’t there before?

“We are all creative beings. The act of creating puts us in direct connection with the greatest creator. The master artist that is our Divine Creator.”
― Eileen Anglin

Create for the sake of creating, to bring something new into the world. Create so you can more deeply connect with God. Create as a gift to others so they can benefit from your unique talents and perspective. It’s part of our divinity, our eternal genetic makeup. Use it. Find a way that you can create and contribute and find joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction because of it.

One of my mini books that I created. Go ahead, say it with me: Ooooo, Ahhhh…See, isn’t it pretty even without pictures? Heads up: I’m going to be hosting a GIVEAWAY soon for a special mini book for quotes and happy inspiration. If you want to jump in on that giveaway and have your name tossed in the hat to be chosen SUBSCRIBE to my weekly email list. I’m going to be drawing a name from that list! Here’s the link (just at the top of the page insert your name and email and that’s it: TheCatalystCoaching

Still not sure what you can contribute? Need help finding your gifts and talents? I can help you figure that out. Set up a time for a FREE mini session with me. Book it here:


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