The Sorting Hat

We’re pretty big Harry Potter fans at our house. I have four kids and they each claimed a different house. My oldest is a major book worm and is very witty so she resonated most with Ravenclaw. My oldest son is ambitious; whenever he likes something he’s all in (now how to channel it to something productive…-the mama’s dilemma), he also loves reptiles and I’m sure wishes he could speak Parseltongue. My younger daughter is an animal whisperer…like really. She’s very patient and loyal with her furry friends so naturally she claimed Hufflepuff. Then my youngest son…he’s 100% the youngest kid -“there were rules? What?” He’s completely without fear (which scares me to no end). So you’ve already guessed what house he’s claimed as his own…Gryffindor! So, what house are you? Do you know? Why do we care about this? Why do we do that – put ourselves into these houses? Why when we do that -we feel connection and pride in our fictional house? My kids aren’t the only ones either. Millions and millions of people do this too and not just with the Harry Potter houses. The personality profiling industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. This is something that we as humans gravitate toward and find that it fills a need of ours. But what is that? and why? Don’t get me wrong, I’m right there with all of you too. Although I shamefully don’t know what house I’m in – I have taken a few personality tests in my life and they’re really fun. I like them too! Several months ago I took the Meyers-Briggs personality test* and found that I resonated the most with it. It told me I’m an ENFJ -The Protagonist/Giver/Teacher* – Extroverted, intuitive, seeks more towards feeling than facts, and leans towards the … Continue reading The Sorting Hat