The MAGIC to Solving ALL Your Problems

We’re kind of big Harry Potter nerds at our house. And while no, I don’t have a spell to offer to you today, I do have something extraordinary and MAGICAL. Here it is: The key to solving ANY PROBLEM. You heard that right, ANY PROBLEM. Who doesn’t have problems? – like on a daily basis? If you don’t – talk to me – I wanna hear your secret sauce. For the rest of the 99.99999999% of us there’s a way to SOLVE and work through ANYTHING and I’ll share that with you today. In our lives we have CIRCUMSTANCES. This is defined as ANYTHING OUT OF OUR CONTROL – i.e. An illness, the opinion’s of others, their actions, the weather, etc. – Circumstances ARE NEUTRAL. They’re not good or bad – positive or negative. They become those things in your thoughts depending on how you interpret them. These CIRCUMSTANCES can trigger THOUGHTS in our minds. These thoughts are whatever meaning you give those circumstances. How you interpret your surroundings, the actions of others, words that were said – it’s all your thoughts and your opinions. These THOUGHTS CAUSE FEELINGS. All your feelings stem from your line of thinking. This is a tough one for people to grasp sometimes. They want to argue that their feelings are the result of the circumstances they’re placed in (i.e. my car got broken into – therefore I MUST feel bad) but it’s not the case. It’s your THOUGHTS that create how you feel (the car example: Two people can have their cars broken into on the same day and have two different reactions. One might feel horrible and devastated while the other might be totally fine because they know their insurance will cover it or maybe it was a total beater and it gives them … Continue reading The MAGIC to Solving ALL Your Problems