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When people ask me what I do I tell them that I’m a LDS Life Coach. This usually gets either very confused looks followed by the question, “What IS that and what do you DO?” 

Or I get an excited and anticipatory look as they ask, “Oooo! Tell me what I can do to be happier! How can I be happier?” 

In each situation a QUESTION almost always follows. Questions are what we use to investigate, learn, and grow in our lives. Learning to ask GREAT questions can be a useful tool in changing your own life.

Each day ask yourself at least ONE really great question. Put it on a post it note, write it in your phone and set a reminder so you’ll see it several times throughout the day. It’s by asking ourselves these meaningful, high quality questions that we get inspired, highly creative answers.

The HIGHER quality the question, the HIGHER quality answer you’ll get.

We don’t usually ask ourselves high quality questions though. We ask things like, “Why did I just do that?”, “Why isn’t my teen listening to me?”, “Why am I so fat?”

Then our brains get busy figuring out answers for us: Why did I just do that? – because you didn’t think it through all the way and you’re impulsive. Remember that time when…

Or Why am I so fat?  – Because you ate the entire batch of cookies…like you ALWAYS do.

Asking low quality questions like these will give you low quality answers and your brain is REALLY GOOD at finding evidence to prove it right…like that time when you …

We call these type of questions, “DEAD END” questions. These types of questions don’t really serve you. They’re not questions that will generate inspiration and insight. They’ll give you a short response with evidence to prove it true and it’s not usually pretty.

So ask REALLY HIGH quality questions like, “What can I do to make today incredibly awesome?”, “What can I do to connect with my teen today?”, “How can I lose weight and still have FUN?”, “How can I make myself a priority so that I can give more of myself to others?”, “How can I honor, love, and respect myself and my family?, “what can I do to smile and love a lot today?”

You’re so much smarter and insightful than you realize. You just have to give your brain a good task. Give it a great question to figure out and it will give you GREAT answers.

I like to ask those people that ask me, “how can I be happier?” – How CAN you be happier? Then they go to work answering their own questions. One gentleman said, “well, I think I should exercise more. I used to exercise a lot and run. It felt good when I did that. I think if I joined a gym I could be happier.”

Amazing, right? We have so much wisdom inside we just don’t utilize it because we don’t ask ourselves high end questions! I know that I can teach him tools and how to adjust his thoughts to create happy for him but as far as the HOW goes? The Do this, do that goes? Only he knows that! What creates happy for me is going to be different for him so we need to dive deep and ask ourselves really great questions! Make yourself a priority. Ask yourself questions  – the good kind, the insightful kind, the high quality kind! You know what to do. You just have to give yourself the opportunity to figure it out.

So daily…ask a really good question! AND…even better – HIRE A COACH! There is so much value in working with a life coach because they can see what your mind is trying to do and how it’s blocking you from moving forward. Book a free consult call and discover how powerful that is for yourself! Book that HERE – CLICK HERE 

Check out my FREEBIE: Great Questions – (CLICK HERE) of some really great questions to ask yourself every day then let your amazing brain answer them for you and feel happier today!LDS Life Coach Hannah Coles


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