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It’s not something we generally think about but it’s there…much more often than you think. For a moment reflect back on your day, your week, month, etc. Think about how many times you slipped into scarcity mode?

We slip into scarcity mode when we say things like:
I don’t know
I just worry that…
I fear that…
I’m afraid that…
Maybe…but I don’t think….

Those are just some of the things we say/think and they’re the start of scarcity. Even the most optimistic people aren’t immune from it. It’s so slippery and quick and subtle that it’s hard to even notice it’s there. But when it’s there you don’t feel great. Maybe anxiety creeps in, maybe worry.

Scarcity stems from fear

Scarcity will always stem from fear. Maybe if it’s ourselves we’re in scarcity mode about – we’re afraid we’re not measuring up somehow, that maybe we’re not “good enough” in some way perhaps?

With our family or spouse – maybe we’re annoyed by the things they do or don’t do. Or out of fear that they’re not seeing, appreciating, or loving us the way we’d like to be loved?

With our work – maybe we’re afraid we’re not doing the best we could.

With our friends or people in general – maybe we’re worried they’ll think badly of us or not like us in someway.

The root of all of these is some form of scarcity. We fear that we’re not enough. We fear that our family doesn’t appreciate us enough, love us enough, respect us enough, or even just believe in us enough.

Dig deep enough to any off feeling (anger, frustration, irritation, etc) and you’ll be able to find the scarcity. It’s love’s nemesis. Perhaps the opposite of love. It’s difficult – or shall I say impossible even – that when we’re in scarcity – even a little bit – we aren’t fully able to LOVE. We aren’t fully able to accept love or give it because a portion of us – even a little – it holding back in some way.

Two Tools for relief:

I’m going to offer you two things that will help you let go of this scarcity – all of it – even the little crumbs that linger at the bottom of your bag – especially if you’re a mom. There’s always crumbs at the bottom of my bag!

The first is to renew your trust and faith in God and in our Savior, Jesus Christ.

This is my go-to scripture whenever I’m feeling scarcity creeping in:

“For God hath not given us the spirit of FEAR, but of LOVE, and of POWER, and of a sound mind.” – 2 Timothy (so so good)

and this one: “PEACE I leave with you, my peace I give unto you…let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” – John 14:27

Let it not be troubled – even a little – even the crumbs.

Jeffery R. Holland once said this:

“I submit to you, that may (referring to John 14:27) be one of the Savior’s commandments that is…almost universally disobeyed; and yet I wonder whether our resistance to this invitation could be any more grievous to the Lord’s merciful heart. I can tell you this as a parent: as concerned as I would be if somewhere in their lives one of my children were seriously troubled or unhappy or disobedient, nevertheless I would be infinitely more devastated if I felt that at such a time that child could not trust me to help or thought his or her interest was unimportant to me or unsafe in my care. In that same spirit, I am convinced that none of us can appreciate how deeply it wounds the loving heart of the Savior of the world when he finds that his people do not feel confident in his care or secure in his hands or trust in his commandments.
Just because God is God, just because Christ is Christ, they cannot do other than care for us and bless us and help us if we will but come unto them, approaching their throne of grace in meekness and lowliness of heart. They can’t help but bless us. They have to. It is their nature. …There is not a single loophole or curveball or open trench to fall into for the man or woman who walks the path that Christ walks. When he says, “Come, follow me” (Luke 18:22), he means that he knows where the quicksand is and where the thorns are and the best way to handle the slippery slope near the summit of our personal mountains. He knows it all, and he knows the way. He is the way.”

Find Abundance

The second is to find the abundance. I say FIND because it’s ALWAYS there. There really is always, always, always something to be grateful for. We just have to take the time to see it.

If you remember my 10-4 post (HERE) you’ll see the fastest trick/tool that will get you from scarcity and into a grateful perspective is going to be to look inside yourself, your mind, memories, etc. and name 10 things you’re grateful for:

I’m grateful for my husband.
I’m grateful for my kids.
I’m grateful for my faith.
I’m grateful for my health.
I’m grateful for our home.
I’m grateful for music.
I’m grateful for my reliable car.
I’m grateful for where we live.
I’m grateful for my friends.
I’m grateful for my life.

These are great – BIG – and very general – but great.

Then you find 4 things right where you’re at to be thankful for:

I’m grateful for traffic lights that keep the movement of cars flowing and drivers safe and organized.

I’m grateful for the person that held the door for me.

I’m grateful my kids are safe in their dance class.

I’m grateful for my phone and that I have access to connection right this very second.

The 10 shifts you into seeing your big blessings and abundance. The four hyper focuses you on being present and in the moment. Not in the past where you felt annoyed, frustrated, or whatever you felt. Those things – although just moments ago are past. You can choose NOW how you want to feel right now and it doesn’t matter what you felt 5 seconds ago. That was 5 seconds ago – it may as well been 5 days ago or 5 years ago. It’s past. Decide now how you want to feel now.

You don’t have to wait

I love that Anne Frank once said,

“How wonderful is it that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

Let the past be in the past. Peace, love, joy, abundance are all available to you right now. You don’t have to stay in scarcity. It’s part of life – it’s going to come back a lot. But you don’t have to let it stay. You have the POWER to choose peace and now you know two ways to access that…quickly!

1.) Trust in God and in the Savior – they’ve got you
2.) Find the abundance that is ALWAYS around you.

Peace, Power, and Love – what a beautiful world.


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