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“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you CAN do.” – John Wooden

All too often we get caught up in all the things we can not do, the things we don’t have time for, the things we don’t have enough resources or money for and it gets in the way of what we CAN do. Which more often than not is A LOT.

Don’t WAIT

So many of us wait to start something because we don’t feel ready yet. We don’t apply for the job because we don’t have as much experience as we want. We don’t start the project because we don’t have all the materials to finish it so we wait and in the waiting we lose interest or maybe we just never start. We don’t want to do our visiting teaching because we don’t have a cute something to bring them yet (guilty) so time passes by and it doesn’t get done.

The common theme with all these is that we’re focusing on everything that we don’t have yet and so we wait and we wait and most of the time it never happens. This is a huge mistake. You can do so much MORE than you think you can if only you’d just try, if only you’d just begin to try.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

― Theodore Roosevelt


I had a conversation with a woman a while ago and she hated her job. She wanted a new one really badly. One with better hours, better pay, closer to home, and just a different environment. So she talked with me and complained about all the reasons why she couldn’t get a new job: her hours were so sporadic, she didn’t make enough money to take any time off, she didn’t have enough time to even look for another place of employment, etc. So instead of working towards a solution she just narrowed in on everything she couldn’t do and it blocked her from inspiration and change.

She was living in a place of scarcity – that awful feeling that there isn’t enough and it’s not a fun place. It doesn’t’ feel good and worst of all it keeps you in fear and feeling stuck. I wonder what would have happened if she instead focused her efforts on what she could do – however small that might have been. What could have happened for her?

Are you holding yourself back?

What can happen for you? What is it you really want right now? Are you holding yourself back thinking of all the reasons why you can’t do it yet? How long have you been waiting? How long with you continue to wait? Stop waiting. Start something now. What CAN you do NOW?

Inspiration and opportunity will always find you when you’re working. It’ll find you when you’ve decided to get started. It’ll come when you realize that you can’t do what you want YET so instead you’re going to do what you can while working towards what you want.

There’s a lot you CAN do

There are so many things that you CAN do. Start there. Go from an abundant mind believing that you will be able to do what you want to do eventually. Stop dwelling on everything you cannot do and get busy doing what you are capable of doing. This will take you much farther than waiting or not starting at all.

Don’t Dabble in SCARCITY

Resist the temptation to dabble in scarcity. It’s easier to go there – in fact, your brain will want to go there – but it’s NOT going to serve you. There isn’t an upside to it. Abundance feels so much better than scarcity – believe you can have what you want if you’re will to work for it. It might not happen tomorrow but tomorrow you still have work to do because you’re going to think about all the things that you are capable of right now, all the things you can do that will take you even an inch closer to what you want and little by little you can accomplish the things you want most.

Start today. Start with what you’ve got. It’ll all work out. You’ll see.


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