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This relationship

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  • “I’ve really enjoyed working with Hannah and learning these mental skills to face troubles and doubts that come with being part of the world without letting them overcome me. As a result of the steps I’ve taken, I am more sure of myself and my good qualities, I have the bravery to begin living my dreams, and I can show up for my family and others I meet as my best self.”

    Emily F.
  • “Working with Life Coach, Hannah Coles has changed my life. I feel like there has been a monumental shift in me and I will never be the same again...I never knew how much I needed a life coach! I wholeheartedly believe that every human on this earth could benefit from life coaching! The principles I learned from Hannah are pure gold.I am already teaching the Model to my children and to other women that I teach in a church setting.Best of all, with the Model that Hannah taught me, I can coach myself at any time and place.What a gift!"

    Kristin C.
  • “What I have learned from you is amazing. I can hardly talk about the changes in myself, in my heart without the spirit confirming that THIS is exactly where I needed to be. Being led to you has been the catalyst of change in my life. I gained skills and techniques to be able to make transformation in my thinking. I have learned that overcoming self is a hard job, one that truly never ends. Hannah taught me to stretch and grow and work on becoming the woman I am to be. Thank you Hannah, for the changes you are helping me to make in my life. You are a light, Keep shining.”

    Janice H.
  • “Going through Hannah’s program gave me a lot more confidence in myself and let me give myself permission to dream again about what I want in my life. The way the lessons are structured and ordered are very helpful and she gives a lot of great tools to put everything into practice during the week. And I can keep using all of the tools now that I’m implementing this on my own. Hannah is a fantastic coach. Not only does she practice what she teaches, but she has a great way of encouraging and motivating those she coaches.”

    Hannah M.
  • “Elevate your life! My coaching experience with Hannah at The Catalyst Coaching was superb. She is filled with wisdom and has some truly life changing tools and insight. She will teach how to manage your mind and create the life you really want. I am so grateful I found her and highly recommend her coaching. Of all the things we spend our time and money on this is absolutely worth both. Do yourself a favor and discover for yourself how life changing Hannah’s work is. You will be so glad you did."

    Jennifer B.
  • “I feel great! I felt so much confidence that I felt like the old me and I didn’t feel as much anxiety. It was such an improvement! Thank you for all your help! Every time I talk to you I feel so much better. You’re truly inspiring me and enlightening my mind and giving me what I need to conquer this! Thank you!!”

    Kathrine A.
  • “This program changed my life in a way I never thought possible. I signed up because I struggled finding peace with specific family relationships. I just wanted to be pain free and be able to feel love for them again but what I got was so much more. I not only was able to create peace and feel love towards my family again but I also gained confidence in myself and have real tools to help me through my life."

    Sarah C.
  • "For the last almost 10 years I've been made to feel that experiencing those negative emotions is bad and that I'm being ungrateful. Hannah has really opened up a space for me to 1: know that there's nothing bad about those emotions; and 2: to refocus and channel those emotions purposefully. I had so many watery eye moments through Hannah's podcast because I felt so grateful, and felt like this podcast was an answer to so many prayers I had been saying. Thank you so much Hannah."

    Renee A.
  • "I feel so grateful for the knowledge and wisdom Hannah has brought into my life through this program. My daughter and I both learned so much about ourselves and each other. I thought I was signing up for coaching strictly to help connect with my daughter and to get a handle on my home and daily life but I got so much more. She helped me work through so many aspects of my life that I was struggling with and helped me to build my self love and confidence too! Hannah's kind and understanding heart shines through in every detail of her work and I will forever be grateful I found her. I invested in her but she equally invested in my daughter and I. That is priceless!"

    Alicia P.
  • "For the first time in 20 years I have the skills I need to not react so emotionally to the situations I face as a parent. I can now watch my teens make poor choices and recognize the growth that they will gain instead of panicking that they aren’t following our family standards. Instead of my usual erruptions into anger or crumbling into tears, I can look at my children with calm, even when they are far from it. We are communicating better because they can now share how they feel, such as jealous or bitter, without me telling them how they should feel instead. When they’re ready, we now know how to reshape our thoughts and feelings and reactions, and I can wait until then much better than before. I wish I had these skills when I was a young mother. But I have them now! Thank you Hannah!"

    Brenda C.
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