Dynamic Duo Program

This program is designed specifically for TWO. My approach is completely unique and will absolutely give you both the results you're wanting. I believe that in order to create the kind of relationships that last you need to first work on YOU. I offer you tools to help you become your BEST self so you can create connection in your relationship. You can learn to feel loved, understood, validated, respected, and create a solid relationship.

Program designed specifically for you

This is a 7 week program and it is designed to offer you tools and customized coaching to UP LEVEL every area of your life. I offer you tools designed to help you take control over your life, your emotions, and your results. Learn how to develop ROCK SOLID confidence, drop the anxiety, overwhelm, frustration, and guilt. Learn real tools to strengthen yourself and your family. Learn how to set big goals and how to accomplish them.

FYI: Appointments are held via ZOOM. I like to see my clients and want them to be able to see me when we talk. It’s best to download the app but you can absolutely still access the appointment on your phone/computer without it too. Once the session is scheduled you’ll get an invitation to join the zoom call. When it’s our appointment time just click on the button – make sure your speakers and mic are on. There IS an option where you can turn video off if you’d prefer not to be seen and that’s okay too. 

LDS Life Coach Hannah Coles
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