The Mix Up

Grab this FREEBIE that goes with episode two - The Mix Up from my PODCAST - LOVE AT HOME


It's bound to happen to everyone. We're going to experience some disappointment in our lives. Grab this worksheet here to help you through it.

The 10/4 Miracle Worker

In a slump? Print off this quick pick me up and feel better in minutes!

List of Loves

Everyone is always acting out of love but sometimes our loves get out of order. Grab this worksheet and read the post to help get your loves in the right order.

Great Questions

Doing this ONE thing daily will for sure increase your happiness! Great questions lead to GREAT answers. So ask one great question everyday and then let your mind go to work answering it and experience your great insight that you possess!


Too often we focus on our past failures and not enough on our past victories. Use this worksheet to document all your wins!


Grab your beignet recipe and read this post on Being overwhelmed and beignets!

Something That I AM

For everything you're not, there is something that you ARE. Snag this freebie and change your focus to everything YOU ARE. Here's one thing to add to your list: "You are a child of God of infinite capacity." -Gordon B. Hinckley

Making Peace with the Mirror

Social Media has given us a lot to think about in terms of our looks and appearance. It's time to make peace with the mirror and love your body for what it is and not what others think it should be!

LDS Life Coach Hannah Coles
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