Who Do You Want To Be?

For my Teens/tweens: Last part on bullying When you feel like you’re being targeted and bullied you tend to show up differently and not be yourself. How can you be? Someone is after you, right?! Here’s the thing…when you’re being bullied – really bullied or you THINK you’re being bullied you’re losing an important part of you. You start to tell your story differently. What I mean by that is the story you’re telling about yourself. We all tell stories. We’re all really good story tellers. We talk to our friends, family, parents, teachers, online buddies etc about our day. We tell them about that mean, wicked, no good _______________ that’s been making your life MISERABLE. You tell them about how they won’t leave you alone, the ugly glares they give you, the off handed comments they mutter, or the stories/lies they’re spreading to others behind your back.  And it’s obvious that in this story there is a clear villain. Duh…it’s the BULLY. And if there’s a clear villain there is also a clear victim…YOU. Don’t get me wrong, if someone is treating you in a way that is inappropriate or threatening – you ARE the victim but…you still have power in this. So much of the time though, we give all our power away to said villain.  We let them dictate how we feel. We let them dictate who we are. We let them control our thoughts, time, feelings, and actions.  Let me give you an example: Jennifer has a thorn in her side ever since she moved and had to start her freshman year at a new school. There’s this girl, Stacy. Ugh. She’s constantly making my life miserable. She glares at me from across the class – I can FEEL her eyes pouring into the back of … Continue reading Who Do You Want To Be?