Bullying – Part TWO

For my teens/tweens: Part TWO If you asked anyone if they’ve ever been bullied in their lives I’m going to bet that every single person would say yes. Every single person. This is a huge problem and no matter how old you are, when you’re at the receiving end of it, it feels terrible.  There’s several ways we approach it too: There’s the one kind of person that keeps going back for more and you think, WHY? What are they doing? Don’t they know they’re just going to get picked on again??? But these people have a good heart. They don’t understand why they’re being treated this way. They think it’s a misunderstanding, like, “if they really knew me, they’d never treat me that way”. So they keep trying to get the bully to understand them, to see them for who they are; a kind, caring person. Another type of person tries to ignore it. You’ve probably heard your parents or someone at some point say, “If you just ignore it and don’t react they’ll get bored with you and stop. It’s your reaction they keep going back for”…right? So they try to ignore it and sometimes it just might work and sometimes it doesn’t matter one bit – now they’re just an even easier target. Another type of reaction is to fight back – “Stand up for yourself!” or Others get help and tell a teacher or other adult and then some just suffer in silence. They go home, sit in their rooms, try to drown out how they’re feeling by going on the one thing that is easy, there, and sure to entertain…social media…which, can have even worse effects. No matter how you react to it or what kind of action you choose to take there is ONE … Continue reading Bullying – Part TWO