The House…ugh

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. —Marcus Aurelius This is a tough concept for a lot a people. We cling to our thoughts that others should or shouldn’t be doing something and the LAST thing we want to hear is that the way we’re feeling is all our own creation. Why would I WANT to create that? Why would ANYONE want to create that??? But then I realized, I did. I was creating it. Let me give you an example, I have four kids so naturally some portion of the house at all times is “kid-ified”. This used to be a constant, rough, frustrating battle. DAILY, I would get upset and frazzled because after teaching them a zillion timesthey SHOULD know by now. I mean, really…every mother’s day, birthday, Christmas holiday all I’d ever ask for is a clean house and yet, all to no avail. This was a source of GREAT angst for me. I was frustrated all the time in regards to my house. I thought what I was thinking and seeing was the truth, factual and what I was feeling was an automatic result of the messy house. Then I learned that I was creating my reality. I was causing negativity for myself.  Was the house a mess? If you ask a group of people from all over you’re more than likely going to get different definitions and standards of “clean”. This point was also clear because the kids didn’t feel it. They were completely confused when I’d ask them things like, “don’t you see this mess? Doesn’t it bother you?” They genuinely seemed shocked that I thought there was indeed a mess or even a general unpleasant smell! They’d look at me like, WHAT??? Since when can’t I keep everything I own out on … Continue reading The House…ugh