Bullying – Part One

For my teens/tweens: This is one of the most common topics that comes up in coaching sessions with teens. There always seems to be one person (maybe more) that is just a thorn in our side and won’t leave us alone. Why am I the center of their world?! Why am I the one getting picked on? Why won’t they just LEAVE ME ALONE??? This is tough. I’ve been there. I hear ya, I feel ya. It ISN’T fair and it isn’t acceptable. Know you’re not alone and that there is HELP. I do want to offer you something that will absolutely help you. I have THREE tools to help you out when it feels like you’ve got a target plastered on your back. I’m going to break them up into bite sized pieces for you though so here is part one or tool ONE: First, if what they’re doing is putting you in danger or compromising you in ANY way you ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have the option to get help. Report it, share it with a trusted adult, tell a teacher, the principle, your PARENTS. There is POWER in sharing it. Help is ALWAYS an option. If you don’t want to share it, tell me WHY. What are you afraid of?oo many teens (myself included once) don’t utilize this option and it’s okay if you think you can handle it on your own and that what they’re doing isn’t damaging you and you want to try to learn how to live and thrive in a world of opposition. But just to clarify – if it’s serious – there is NO label or list of what constitutes what serious is – if it feels serious and damaging TO YOU – you always have the option of getting help. There is … Continue reading Bullying – Part One