For Everything I’m Not, There’s Something That I Am

“For everything I’m not, there’s something that I am.” One of the biggest problems we create for ourselves is this focus on what we’re not. We look at others and see them doing things we wish we could or even wishing we could be just like them (or our perception of who we believe they are). When I was a teen I for sure did this too. I thought I wasn’t pretty enough, smart enough, talented enough. I would look at other girls who I thought had it all and I’d wish I were like them. Meanwhile berating myself for all the things I wasn’t. When I became an adult I’d still do this but in other areas. I wasn’t talented enough, successful enough, organized enough. In our early years of marriage we lived in Davis, CA – a total college town and I loved it. We lived in on-campus housing for a while with lots of other poor college students as well and it was great. Then my visiting teacher, Shelly,  came by to introduce herself and she was beautiful and kind and had so much education under her belt already.  I spent a lot of time and energy trying to make our tiny 500 sq ft apartment into a home. My husband and I were both in school and didn’t have much money at all so I made our bedding, our curtains. I painted a hutch we got from a yard sale for $5 to make it look cute. I did my best to upholster and cover an ugly couch we got for free. I felt pretty good about what I had been able to create for ourselves until I went to Shelly’s tiny 500 sq ft apartment. It looked like Martha Stewart came over and personally decorated … Continue reading For Everything I’m Not, There’s Something That I Am