Seven Year Olds and Celebs

Out of the blue my youngest son started clapping for us whenever we do or say something he finds awesome or worth celebrating. Which to a seven year old can be anything, like saying, “hey, I just took out the trash” cue applause. Or I think I’m going to make curry for dinner tonight” cue applause. At first we were confused, like, “Whaaaat? Why is he doing that?” But he’s so stinking cute all smiling ear to ear and clapping, you can’t help but join in smiling and clapping too. Afterwards you feel different, you feel happier than you did just a minute ago. Why is this? Why does this 30 seconds-ish of clapping for seemingly simple things and sometimes nonsense things change how you feel? What is it about this act? Well, it’s NOT the act itself that makes you feel happier but your thoughts about it. When I see my son clapping and grinning ear to ear I think thoughts like, “oh my goodness, he’s so cute!” or “I have no idea why he’s clapping but whatever it is, he’s looking so happy and proud.” or “This is totally silly but he’s so happy. I’m going to join him.” These thoughts, MY thoughts then generate a feeling within me. I feel happy, silly, grateful for such a cutie. These feelings then stimulate actions in me, hence to join in the clapping.  This whole thing lasts only a minute or so but what a mood booster! I saw a clip today on Facebook, it’s been around for a while but I’m just now seeing it. It’s called, “You sang my song.” Have you heard of it? It’s from Glamour magazine and they get top song artists to listen to YouTubers singing covers of their songs. Some of the songs … Continue reading Seven Year Olds and Celebs