When Your Teen is Bullied – 4 Things You Can Do

One of the toughest parts of parenting is seeing our kids struggle, especially when it comes to seeing them being bullied. It tugs at our heart strings because we feel powerless to fix it and we so want to fix it. We want to end their suffering and see them happy and smiling again. So what do you do when you notice something off about your teen? What do you do when you find out they’ve been acting withdrawn, quiet, and wanting to hide because there’s a bully out there that’s been targeting them? You know, there’s this myth circulating out there, I’m convinced it’s part of the adversary’s plan actually to have us all believe that we should be happy all the time. So when our child (no matter what age) isn’t happy then something is terribly wrong. When WE aren’t happy, something is wrong and we go to town trying to fix it. Fix it quick! We have to get back to happy! But this isn’t true.  We’re supposed to experience negativity. Our teens are supposed to experience negativity. Please don’t misunderstand or jump to conclusions here – I’m not condoning bullying behaviors. THIS is NOT part of Heavenly Father’s plan. It is not right nor is it acceptable behavior but it IS a part of our mortal journey and we can learn from it. In the TEEN SPOT the topic for the past few days has been on bullying. I’ve given them just a few things to ponder on and resources to get help but what about us? What do we do when we see our teen cry, hide, and struggle through this experience?  Today I want to offer you FOUR things that you can do when you find yourself in this position. The first, and most … Continue reading When Your Teen is Bullied – 4 Things You Can Do