Climbing an Uphill Battle

This last weekend we took our family up to Yosemite to go exploring and hiking for the day. It was a gorgeous day and just as picturesque as you can imagine. We decided to go to the highest point that we could drive to so we could look down at the waterfalls and scenery. While we were parked up there looking down from the view points at this glorious site we noticed a sign that said, “Glacier Point trail 4 miles”. Four miles isn’t that much, we thought. Let’s do it! And off we went. The trail took you straight out to the edge of the mountain and then for a couple of miles it was a non-stop downward slope. The trail itself was only about 3 feet wide and if you tripped or looked up for a moment and stopped paying attention to the trail you’d plummet to your demise for sure. So we walked exceptionally close to our little ones, stopping on occasion to just soak in the view that could only be seen by taking this trail. We didn’t know the trail ahead of time. We kind of hoped it was a circular trail where it’d take you back to the general vicinity of the starting point but either way we were going for it. As we ventured on I had this thought, “This is A LOT of downhill. Which is great for now, but can only mean one thing…we’re going to need to hike back up at some point.” So with each huge jump down I was picturing the strength it was going to take to climb back up. Sure enough, two miles into it and the trail marked the “end” of this route, which meant exactly what we thought it did, turn around and hike … Continue reading Climbing an Uphill Battle