Better Than Comparing

You know those times when you’re feeling really great about your day, your kids, your house and so you whip out your phone and within five seconds of scrolling on Instagram seeing those perfect moms with their perfect kids and their perfectly WHITE house and then suddenly you feel like crap? Why is that? What happened in those five seconds that took you from feeling mighty fine to lowliest low? I know you know what I’m taking about. When we compare we feel terrible and yet we do it SO much! Your house can be finally all picked up and laundry done and you’re feeling good, proud even but once you see that mom standing in her brilliantly clean kitchen and suddenly yours doesn’t look so great anymore. You see her 5 kids all dressed in matching clothes and suddenly your smiling, laughing, getting along kids doesn’t feel as blissful as it did a moment ago because they’re not in coordinating clothes like this woman’s kids. And all that stuff you got done today that you were feeling so fulfilled about now seems minuscule compared to the imaginary story you’re telling yourself of what HER perfect life must be like…all from one picture…all from a whole 5 seconds. What on earth just happened??? WHY do we do that do ourselves? What’s the upside to thinking those things? Is there one? “Every single time you set up a comparison between yourself and someone else you lost, no one wins.” – Clinton Kelly Every. Single. Time. You lose. So why play the game in the first place? How can we break free and not dive into comparison mode? Is there a way to see that picture with the perceived “perfect” family without feeling less about ourselves? Here’s a start from the Mormon … Continue reading Better Than Comparing