1000 days of Abundance

Years ago in attempts to teach my youngest how to be reverent during sacrament I started this little game. We would take turns saying, “Jesus made ___________”. We’d go back and forth each naming an animal or other creation. This kept him busy and focused during this portion of the service and it just kind of stuck. For years we’ve been playing this game practically every Sunday and as you may have surmised we’ve named quite a few amazing creations.   While we go back and forth my mind races trying to think of something new we haven’t named before and each week I’m always amazed at truly what an abundant world we live in. I’m grateful that we live on incredible planet full of incredible people, animals, vegetation, technological advances, medical advances, creativity, and more and more. We don’t just have ONE butterfly to admire. We have thousands of species to see and appreciate. We don’t just have one kind of apple to eat. We have TONS of varieties (my fave is the Ambrosia apple…so good! What’s yours?)   There’s been many studies done about being able to overcome adversity and challenges simply by switching from a scarcity mindset to an abundant mindset.   In fact, Neil Pasricha, who is now the director of the Institute for global happiness tried this principle out in his life during a time of great tragedy and loss. He needed a way to redirect his focus from negativity toward positivity again. He came up with the idea that he would look for something positive about each day. Something that is often taken for granted but nonetheless still wonderful and happy. He created a blog, 1000 Awesome Things and each day for 1000 days he’d write about one thing he found, focused on, and … Continue reading 1000 days of Abundance