Getting Out Of Negativity

Remember for a moment about a time someone complemented you. It felt good, right? How long did it stick with you? A day? A few hours? The words stay but I’m talking about the high, warm fuzzy feeling. How long did that stay? Now, can you think of a time where you received negative feedback? Or when someone said something contentious or flat out mean to you? How long did that stay? Days? Weeks? Months? It’s interesting that we tend to hold onto the negative a lot longer than we do the positive. Even after that negative encounter you can have several people close to you counter that remark and sure, it feels nice but it’s not that high, warm fuzzy feeling it would have been without the negative one getting in the way. That negative feeling just lingers. It tends to consume your mind and you just can’t shake those uncomfortable feelings that accompany it. Why is this? What can we do about? How do we get unstuck? When I first started my business I was on fire. I had so many ideas (still do) that I wanted to share with the world. I was excited to reach out and help women in a truly life changing way as this work had done for me years ago. I put ad’s out so people could see me and so I could get my name and work out into the world so that people would know it’s there. I received many compliments, words of praise, and general excitement for my new business which felt good, validating! Then within the first month I had also received a negative mark on a Facebook ad I had put out. At first I thought it was a mistake. Haven’t you ever accidentally clicked the crying … Continue reading Getting Out Of Negativity