The Answer to Any HOW

Think about how often you use the word “how”. Twice in one sentence, not bad. Really though, we use this word a lot. How do I go about doing that? How can I possibly get through this trial? How do I start? How can I get from here to there? How can I mend this relationship? How can I parent this child? How am I possibly going to move forward after this? How do I make that? How am I ever supposed to do this? How can I go on living after this tragedy? How? How? How? I’m going to give you help today to answer those HOW’s. The answer is much simpler than you think. We have so many questions and we want to move forward but we get stuck because we don’t know HOW to move forward. The WHAT, what the problem/challenge is changes daily. The what is constantly different. The WHY we want to change and go about tackling these challenges is our testimony, our why I believe and want to move forward. But the how. So often we have the WHAT. We have this problem and we want to solve it. We want to move forward so we skip the WHY and go straight to the HOW. I have this problem, okay, how am I going to fix it. Instead of, I have this problem. Why do I want to fix it? Then because I have my compelling reason, my motivator, now how can I go about this? Dieter F. Uchtdorf once said, “The what and the how…are necessary, but it is understanding the WHY that inspires and transforms us. First the WHY First off, get a clear understanding of WHY. WHY do I want to mend this relationship? What’s the WHY? Why do I want … Continue reading The Answer to Any HOW