It Wasn’t My Fault

There is something we as humans try to argue about a lot. We want to justify our actions, our words, our crankiness, our feelings about the things around us and outside of us. We want to blame or find fault in our circumstances. It’s not our fault that we snapped! It’s because of the situation! And when we say or think that thought, we believe it and we somehow feel justified in our behaviors. But it’s just not the case. Listen to president Eyring: “Difficult as circumstances may be, they do not relieve us of accountability for our actions or our inactions.” Circumstances are neutral. Circumstances are anything that is out of your control, this includes what others do or say, how your kids act – yes, even those loud temper tantrums and extra challenging mom moments. Circumstances include when your car breaks down of your house is a mess. Although we want to argue that it’s really not our fault. Ex: I only yelled at my kids because they wouldn’t get their shoes and get in the car already! We were running super late as it was! Or I can’t believe that woman said ________________ about me! She’s just terrible! Did you know that she _____________… My kids like to justify their actions sometimes because they really, truly believe it’s NOT THEIR FAULT! They HAD to do ________________ because their siblings did ______________. Yesterday I dispelled a loud arguing match between two of them because one teased the other and feeling frustrated and mad they reacted with yelling, which then led to the other yelling and fun times. But in each of these situations (and I know you’ve got some of your own) it’s NOT the circumstance. It’s never the circumstance. The kids not getting in the car with … Continue reading It Wasn’t My Fault