Kindness is POWERFUL

“Ah, kindness. What a simple way to tell another struggling soul that there is love to be found in the world.” -Alison Malee Recently I watched a Ted talk by Jenny Schell called “Why everyday kindness and simple giving matter”. I was deeply touched as she spoke about her experiences growing up off the gird and the hardships they had to endure in their youth. She spoke about times when it rained and her mother handed she and her sister a shampoo bottle and told them to go shower under the rain gutter because they didn’t have running water. She spoke about a time when it was so cold in their “house” that their gallon milk containers froze solid. She also spoke about how she was able to endure and go on and become happy and successful as an adult. It was because of the kindnesses of others. She spoke about her best friends family allowing her to come over at 4:00am each morning before school so her mom could go to work and how she looked forward to each morning when they’d make sourdough pancakes that filled her body with much needed nourishment, hope, and love. She spoke about another friend and how watching their family and how they lived and interacted with each other gave her hope for a life that she could have someday too. It made me reflect on the many kindnesses that others have given me and most of them, the ones I hold so dear to my heart weren’t grand gestures or anything huge but were small and simple. Think about the kindness you’ve received. Why are these particular memories so special to you? Then think about what you can do to be a light to others. What a small and simple things can … Continue reading Kindness is POWERFUL