Beignets and Being OVERWHELMED

“Trust yourself. You’ve survived a lot, and you’ll survive whatever is coming.” As I was sitting in the music department this week the halls were filled with clarinets, trumpets, and that good ol’ New Orleans jazz that I love so much. Which of course led me to think about my favorite Disney princess movie, The Princess and the Frog. If you haven’t seen it, here’s just a short list of why you totally should: a.) The music is AWESOME (listen to some of it HERE) b.) Beignets c.) The main character, Tiana is such an incredible and inspiring person (hard worker, diligent, able to persevere , optimist, etc – yes, I know she’s fictional but inspiring nonetheless) d.) Beignets! Oh, wait, did I say that already? There’s something else that was in the air yesterday too. I heard several people all throughout the day talking about feeling overwhelmed. April and May seem to be stressful months for a lot of people. It’s a highly productive time, a lot of things are due or expected, the school year is drawing near to it’s end, testing ensues, things are due, the weather is changing and with it the kids seem to be getting antsy to go outside and do more things, just in general, this time of year seems to be a little more stressful and overwhelming for a good majority of people. Would you agree? What can you do? Overwhelm seems to be, well, overwhelming… Today, I want you to think about and remember this: Overwhelm is a feeling. Overwhelm is caused by our thoughts. Our thoughts are triggered because of the circumstances that we are given. Circumstances are neutral. They aren’t good nor are they bad UNTIL we place a thought on them. If I’m feeling overwhelmed it’s because I … Continue reading Beignets and Being OVERWHELMED