“There will be days where you’re not motivated. But the motivation comes after you show up. Don’t start with the motivation. Start with the doing.” – Sean McCabe Everyone has something they’re working on…or started working on, I should say. New Year’s goals, bad habits they want to break, good habits they want to adopt, a project or skill they’ve really wanted to improve or learn. We get so moved by our thoughts and emotions about these things and we have this burst of energy, motivation, inspiration, and excitement at the prospect of what the end achievement will look like, what it will feel like so we start. We work hard. We give it a lot of energy and thought. Then…we hit that point, the first really big stumbling block. We get tired with it, frustrated that it’s not moving as quickly as it should be (or I should say, as quickly as WE think it should be), things are much more challenging than we first thought they’d be and you just don’t have as much energy anymore to keep going. Our thoughts start sounding like this: Why do I care about this anyway? Does it REALLY matter? I don’t really NEED to do this, it was a nice thought BUT… Let me give you an example, let’s say that Susan wants to get up early each morning. That’s her new habit she wants to create. She loves how getting up early feels. She gets so much done for the day before the kids are awake. It sets her day up just so. She wants to recreate this morning every day. So she enthusiastically sets her alarm and gets up the next morning. That felt great! So she does it again, next morning. She pops out of bed and starts … Continue reading Motivation