Don’t Run From Your Problems

Problems are a part of life – daily life. We face, interact with, and have to work alongside frustrating people day in and day out and we’re tempted, ever so tempted to think that the solution is in changing the circumstance, changing them. After all, it’s THEY who are the problem. Or maybe it’s the environment, it’s the job, the area, assignment, etc. Sometimes we may even leave and go somewhere else hoping to escape only to find a very similar problem is waiting for us there too. It sounds logical and simple, when you don’t like where you’re at MOVE, right? But this is not the right answer because problems, people, and similar circumstances are everywhere, in every city, job, and project. Pema Chodron once said, “Nothing goes away until it has taught us what we need to know. Even if we run one hundred miles an hour to the other side of the continent, we find the very same problem awaiting us when we arrive.” I know you’re nodding your head in agreement because we’ve all experienced this. The not so secret secret to this is not in changing others or our circumstances but in learning to change and evolve into a new you, a you that is equipped to rise above the challenges. Several years ago I was given this opportunity to work with a group of people on an project. I knew going into it that my personality didn’t quite mesh with one other on the team but decided to give it a go anyway and hope for the best. It was a terrible idea and all I could think of on so many occasions was, “get me out of here!” I absolutely did not like working on that team. It wasn’t the project, it wasn’t … Continue reading Don’t Run From Your Problems