Refuse to Inherit DYSFUNCTION

Every family has it’s issues and some forms of dysfunction. In fact, most adults will tend to blame their current problems/behaviors on something their parents did or did not do. So many people are holding on to the belief that their life has been sabotaged or already defined by those years at home. This is a problem because blaming will keep you stuck and a victim for…ever if you let it. I want to share a few things to think about today to help you break this cycle and how to move forward – even if it’s just a baby step – it’s still forward. First, acknowledge the past. Give yourself room to validate yourself and NAME what the problem is. I want you to know that I do hear you. Yes, your family was dysfunctional. They did do crazy things and yes, it has contributed to who you are. Every family has their own version of crazy. It doesn’t make it right. I’m not saying this to downplay your past in any way. It was real. It did happen. It absolutely left you with scars. But I don’t want you to get stuck here. Don’t blame your family, your parents, your siblings even though in the moment (s) it feels good to do so. But doing that, taking that course of action isn’t getting you anywhere. It’s keeping you stuck in victim mode and the biggest problem with that is you’ve given them power over you. Doing this you tell yourself that you can’t change and be who you want to be UNTIL they change…and they probably aren’t going to change…so don’t give them your power. They’re not going to treat it how you want them to. This a problem because THEY are a circumstance. If you’ve been with … Continue reading Refuse to Inherit DYSFUNCTION