Chips, Cravings, and Curiosity

Today I want to offer you two steps to finding relief from your cravings, bad habits, or vices. But first, chips… About a year or so ago I heard this talk at our stake conference (area church meeting) where one speaker started talking about chips. She loves chips. She can’t just eat one but craves the entire bag. She doesn’t want to eat chips.  She wants to eat healthy. But if the chips are in the pantry it’s almost like they “call” to her. Each time she walks passed her pantry she thinks about the chips. She notices she’s hungry and chips just sound oh-so-good. She justifies it and thinks, “well, maybe just one.” …  and we all know what happens after that! The bag is gone and she’s left feeling upset at herself for caving, she’s feeling shame and regret…which only makes her what? Crave more chips. It’s a vicious cycle.  We ALL have our own “chips”. Shopping? Social Media? Consuming too much of anything? Gossiping?  This woman just made a decision one day that it was better for her if she just didn’t even bring them home. It’s better to resist the temptation ONCE by walking passed the chip aisle at the store than the risk taking them home and then being tempted day in and day out. But what if you can’t? What if it’s always there…a little light in your hand, that little “ding” from your pocket? Any food in the house? Step one: Be okay with learning to be uncomfortable. Totally not fun but WORTH IT.  Yes, you can have what you want. You can buy that cute ____________ from Amazon (guilty). You can eat ____________. You can look at social media x amount of times a day… OR You can have something BETTER. Learning to … Continue reading Chips, Cravings, and Curiosity