Strawberries and Service

“Most service given is accomplished quietly, without fanfare. A friendly smile, a warm hand also, a sincere testimony of truth can literally lift lives, change Human nature, and save precious souls.” – Thomas S. Monson We have this strawberry field near our house with a little shack where they sell freshly picked strawberries each season. We drive by it just about everyday and my kids stare longingly out the window waiting and waiting and waiting for it to open and finally, last week it did. My kids and I stopped and snagged several baskets of the most delicious strawberries. On our way home as I was pulling onto our street I had this thought that our neighbor (a sweet widow who lives by herself) might like a basket. I pulled over, berries in hand and walked to her door…all kids in tow. She was so surprised by our visit and grateful for the kind gesture. She invited us in and we spent the next forty five minutes chatting, laughing, and visiting. We only left because my kids needed to go to their youth church activity although I’m sure we could have visited for hours. When we left we all had a smile on our faces and warm feelings in our heart. After dropping the kids off at the church I started to pull out with my two littles and we saw the senior missionary couple walking out to their car. We stopped and shared a strawberry basket with them. Again, bright smiles were exchanged, visiting ensued, and love was felt. On our way back my seven year old son asked if we could share more baskets. My heart, feeling so warm that he recognized what a beautiful thing it is to give and to serve. I asked him if he … Continue reading Strawberries and Service