Two SUREFIRE Tips to Making New Friends

It has been said that, “True Friendship is like the asphalt of life. It fills in the potholes and makes the journey smooth.” – Richard G. Scott Friends really do help us through life and are a source of so much love and value to us. So why is it such a problem for adults to find, make, and keep new friendships? As adults and especially as adult women it’s a topic that comes up often. We’re so busy and engaged in a variety of things that it becomes a challenge to get out there and make new friends. Yet the tough part is that we need those connections. We need to feel heard, seen, and loved. Making new friends IS a problem for a lot of women so I’d like to give you something new to think about that might just change the way you go about friend hunting. Two SUREFIRE Tips to making and KEEPING new friends: Step ONE: stop waiting and go first. When you see someone new and your instinct is to smile and then wait for them to do something, stop. You go for it. Walk over, say hi, introduce yourself. Why do we do that? Why do we wait for them to smile at us, to talk to us, to reach out and make the first move. For some it’s a tiny fear inside us where we worry about what they’ll think of us, what they think about our appearance, what we sound like, what they think about our parenting styles as our kids are running wildly in circles around us. Then that worry overtakes any courage we had to reach out and so we don’t react out. We sit alone at the park or at sports practice not talking to others and when we leave, … Continue reading Two SUREFIRE Tips to Making New Friends