Ep 1: The Bucket

We lose our power when we believe that others can fill or take from our emotional buckets. We know that we are “agents to act and not to be acted upon” and as such we can learn to take responsibility for our own buckets. Check out this episode! Transcript: Hello and welcome my friends! Isn’t that music fun? It’s kinda catchy. So excited to be here today. I tell you what, this was a bit of a process in the making so now that we’re here – woohoo! Just so excited!  I love podcasts. I listen to them all the time and generally when I’m in my car taking my family here and there for all the many things we do, it’s fun to pop one on and listen together. I really wanted a podcast for LDS parents and teens and when I went hunting there wasn’t any to be found! Seriously, if you type in LDS parents and teens NOTHING, nada will pop up – okay, I take that back – until NOW, but before there wasn’t anything for us to listen to together and that’s really what I wanted.  It reminded me of something Toni Morrison once said that,  “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” That’s what I decided to do. There’s a few podcasts out there that I just love but it wasn’t enough and it wasn’t something my teens could relate to or want to listen to so I decided that if I wanted a podcast for parents and teens to connect and hear great LDS life coaching tools then I needed to be the one to pioneer it. So fun, right? Really glad you’re on this journey with me!  I trained … Continue reading Ep 1: The Bucket