Why Must I Suffer So?

Everyone struggles…like BIG struggles. Many suffer in silence. They put on a brave face and go about their day doing what they need to but inside they’re hurting, inside their heart is breaking. They sneak off every so often for a quiet moment to be alone so they can cry and feel what is consuming their thoughts and lives. Then mere minutes later they wipe their eyes, stand up straight, take a deep breath and they’re out in the world again and no one is the wiser as to what just transpired. To you, to those who are suffering, to those of you who are aching inside I want you to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There is LIGHT coming soon. I’d like to offer you four things that can help sustain you during these dark and treacherous times. First know, that you ARE NOT ALONE. You are NEVER, EVER, EVER ALONE. Sometimes it just helps to know that someone is there with you. That they believe in you. That you are loved and that you WILL get through this trial. I accidentally stumbled upon this song a couple of years ago. I was going through one of my own heavy struggles and was caught by surprise at the song that popped up on Pandora. Read these lyrics: ( you can LISTEN here too) “Hands, put your empty hands in mine And scars, show me all the scars you hide And hey, if your wings are broken Please take mine so yours can open too ‘Cause I’m gonna stand by you Oh, tears make kaleidoscopes in your eyes And hurt, I know you’re hurting, but so am I And love, if your wings are broken Borrow mine so yours can open too ‘Cause I’m gonna stand by you Even if … Continue reading Why Must I Suffer So?