When Life Throws You A Curve Ball

There are times in our lives where life just seems to throw us a curve ball or sucker punch might be more accurate. It comes as a complete surprise and your left feeling sad, confused, hurt, or even angry. Sometimes you might feel like everything seems to be going just right and life is good and then WHAM! Curve ball – did NOT see that coming! So now what? What can you do? How do you process that? How do you get through that and still be okay? How do you find that joy again and a desire to smile? Since this happens to everyone at some point and no one is immune I want to share FOUR things that will help you wade the deep waters of negative emotion and get you securely back on solid ground where you WILL absolutely find your smile again and access to joy. Step ONE: PROCESS what is REALLY going on First, you have to process it. What does that even mean??? “process it”?! What? Listen, you can’t figure anything out if you aren’t aware of what’s going on in the first place. When I say process it – I mean you have to look at it…all of it. Every little ugly part of it. Not fun but necessary. Think of it as if you had gotten a deep cut from a piece of machinery. If you don’t look at it and just do a quick fix by putting a bandaid on it and looking the other way, chances are it’s going to get infected, inflamed, and only lead to further injury. So instead, you have to look at the cut. You have to clean it and man, that stuff HURTS! It stings like no other! You have to get any minuscule pieces … Continue reading When Life Throws You A Curve Ball