One thing to STOP saying to your child (and yourself)

There’s one phrase that is so deeply engrained into our society and culture that is causing tremendous problems and you can stop it. I can’t trace back to where it originated or when we, as a people started using this phrase but it’s been around a LONG time and it sure makes me question how different (for the better) our society/world would be if we learned to stop using this particular phrase/belief. Let’s Pretend… Let me give you a simple visual. Little Sammy Jones is playing on the rug with his toy truck happy as can be. Then Johnny comes walking by and see’s Sammy looking so happy with his truck. He thinks to himself, “that looks fun. I want to do that!” So he walks right up to Sammy and snatches his truck. Now, Sammy is crying (weeping and wailing more like it depending on their ages) and Johnny is oblivious and he now has a new toy truck to play with. You hearing the screeching from the other room and come bounding in then putting two and two together you look at Johnny and you say…what? What do you say? What would you say to Johnny? This is really important that you think about this. What would you say to Johnny right now? A good majority of people would say something along the lines of, “Johnny! Did you hurt Sammy’s feelings?” or “Johnny, you better give that toy back to Sammy. Can’t you see you’re hurting his feelings?” Followed by a lot of other parenting advice on curtesy and kindness I’m sure. It doesn’t sound so bad right? After all Johnny DID come up and took that toy from Sammy. Sammy was happy before and he’s not now, right? DID Johnny HURT Sammy’s feelings? Some of you will … Continue reading One thing to STOP saying to your child (and yourself)