“What you Appreciate Appreciates”

Lynn Twist, author of the book, The Soul of Money, once said: “What you appreciate appreciates” Meaning, what you place your value on, what you choose to focus on expands or increases. What do you appreciate? – focus on? I find this very evident with the work I do (and in my own life) to be true. I’m sure you have too. If you think for a minute I bet you could name someone you know that is a bit of a downer. They choose to see the world as a negative place where bad things are always happening to them and that their life is is just unfair. Already have a face in your mind? On the other hand, can you also name someone in your life that is just a happy person? That always seems to find the good in each situation and that things aren’t “too bad”? In both cases what they chose to appreciate appreciated, it grew/expanded and they experienced more of it. In your life, what are you focusing on? What are you giving value to? Case and Point I have to say that it was quite fascinating to me that just after I wrote the draft for this post I took my son to get his haircut at a salon. When we arrived this stylist was already helping a customer and said she’d get to us soon so we sat down to wait. The woman that she was currently helping was heatedly ranting about someone that she knew. We tried to tune her out and read our books that we brought with us but she was so loud and the salon was only so big. When she finished my son took the chair and the stylist started cutting away. What surprised me was that … Continue reading “What you Appreciate Appreciates”