Are we still AFRAID of the dark?

Are we still afraid of the dark even as adults? When we’re kids it’s different. We’re afraid of things under our beds or things lurking in the shadows but as adults we’re still afraid of the dark only now it’s not a literal darkness but a mental one, an emotional dark. When I was in elementary school I had the opportunity to go to science camp. Remember science camp? So fun, cold, dirty, but mostly fun, right? All week we’d go on hikes and we’d look for banana slugs and deciduous trees and as we hiked they’d tell us about the night hike that was the climax of our stay at camp. It was going to be on the last night and they’d send us off ALONE, individually, by ourselves to do this night hike. And lemme just tell ya, the thought of hiking ALONE in the DARK, in the WOODS stressed me out all week long. I was absolutely afraid of the pitch black darkness we experienced there, and of possible bears, and creepy monsters (even though I really did know they didn’t exist) or whatever else hides out behind the trees in the forest at night. Eventually Friday did come and the moment I’d been dreading all week was upon me. We all gathered together and they lined us all up for this night hike. They’d send us off one by one every 5-7 minutes so you were alone enough (unless you stopped walking entirely – didn’t think of that then!). It was incredibly short really. It didn’t FEEL short at the time but I remember mustering up every ounce of courage I had within me because I was NOT going admit to my friends and all my classmates that I was afraid, even though you totally know … Continue reading Are we still AFRAID of the dark?