For those, “I’m about to lose it” Mom moments

There are mornings I can come out of my room and within five minutes have heard each of my kids yell, “MOM!” or really, “MAWM” only to follow with some complaint. They complain that their sibling touched their things, they went in each others rooms, so in so didn’t do their chores, they said something offensive, they teased them about whatever, they’re standing too close to the other, etc. etc. You can relate, I’m sure. It’s during these times that I feel so tempted to just turn around, walk right back into my room, and close and lock the door leaving them to fend for themselves all so I don’t have to listen to them complain. We’ve all had those Mom moments before, right? Those moments that you JUST CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! As a mom and as adults we want to roll our eyes and sigh in frustration because it shouldn’t be this difficult to get along with one another. So instead of hiding away…which if we did hide each time there was an explosive morning like that we’d end up missing an entire decade of our lives. So we get to work putting out fire after fire after fire only to have ninety percent of our mental energy expended in the first five minutes of interacting with our children. This is a problem and I can help This is a problem. Let me help you out a bit. I want to offer 3 things to try on to teach your children to stop the blame game, save them from initiating chaos, and to save as much of your mental energy as possible so you can make it through the next fifteen hours and fifty-five minutes of your day. The first thing to do is breathe. You heard that … Continue reading For those, “I’m about to lose it” Mom moments