When Someone Offers You Unsolicited and Unwanted Advice

I’m sure we’ve all been the recipient of unsolicited advice before, most likely on many occasions. You’re busy doing your own thing spending lots of time and energy to make it just so and then that one person comes along and tells you how you could and should be doing it. That their way is better and they’re about to tell you why. Geez…it’s those times that so many good people just want to throw in the towel and quit but I want to help you out today. I want to give you five steps to get through these interactions unscathed. Obviously the first step is decide who the source is. Is this really a negative threat or not? This is where you need to look at the individual and make an educated guess as to their intentions. If it’s little old Sally from down the street that really does have the best of intentions for everyone at heart albeit if she’s also a major worry wart, then you can probably guess it’s just your turn under her radar. She most likely is just trying to look after you. Smile, give her hug, tell her Thank you and walk away. On the other hand, if it’s not a sweet Sally and your internal warning system is going off about this person then it’s time for you to do some thought work. It’s critical NOT to become reactive to their advice. Even if their motives are less than stellar sometimes the advice itself CAN STILL BE USEFUL. Step Two: Resist the urge to become reactive This is hugely important. So often we see the person as a threat that we totally tune out the advice they’re giving you. It might be good stuff! So for a few moments, DON’T REACT. Listen, … Continue reading When Someone Offers You Unsolicited and Unwanted Advice