Frustration is a Matter of Expectation

Think of the last time you said the phrase, “I’m just so frustrated” – or some form of that line. How long ago was that? Did you experience frustration today? This week? How often? For how long?  Frustration seems to be an everyday, several times a day kind of feeling for most people. It doesn’t feel good and it keeps us from operating at our best selves. I have good news for you today…You don’t have to feel stuck or at the mercy of frustration ever again IF you don’t want to. Read on to learn the secret sauce to overcoming that pesky and ugly feeling. Luis Von Ahn once said that, “frustration is a matter of expectation”. If you think back on those times that you felt frustrated can you also reflect back a little bit more and uncover an expectation that wasn’t met? We get frustrated when we’re stuck in traffic because we had an expectation of the amount of time it was going to take to get somewhere. Now it’s taking longer than we had expected and frustration kicks in. We get frustrated because our kids leave a trail of mess everywhere they go. But really the frustration was because we had an expectation that they should know how to clean up after themselves and not just know but actually do it. Then when they don’t we get frustrated because our expectation wasn’t met. We get frustrated when you spend hours on something for your family and no one acknowledges it. But really, it wasn’t that they didn’t acknowledge it, the frustration came from an expectation that they’d notice and that they’d say something. We get frustrated when the pen we grabbed to write down some information doesn’t have ink. We blame the pen but really it’s … Continue reading Frustration is a Matter of Expectation