Auto-Pilot vs Authentic YOU

What you do on auto-pilot So many of us are running about on default or auto-pilot and we don’t even realize it. This is a huge disservice to you. Find out why this is a problem and what you can do about it to show up more authentic and genuinely in the world. I used to teach music lessons. For years I taught piano lessons and voice lessons. In our first few lessons, I would tell them that we were going to make a lot of weird and odd sounds at times, especially during warm ups. Learning to sing is like learning to play any other instrument in that you have to learn how to create different sounds and practice again and again. But it’s much more difficult because I can’t tell you to change fingering or a quick fix like that. This instrument is internal and we’d have to shift the body, something inside the throat, create a different shape and it would be challenging. Despite my best efforts to tell them ahead of time and to work with them during these lessons whenever they’d make a mistake or make a sound they didn’t’ like they’d apologize and something in their demeanor would wilt for a second. Since they’d been using this instrument from the time that they were born they felt somehow that they should “know” how to sing properly already. Difference between voice and piano lessons When my piano students hit a wrong note they didn’t’ think something was “wrong” with them. It was a wrong note, wrong fingering. It was the mentality of, “okay. I’ll work on it and practice it.” But for voice, because they couldn’t see an instrument it was internal and mentally they went to, “I did something wrong. I am wrong.” and it … Continue reading Auto-Pilot vs Authentic YOU