GUEST POST: Three Reasons to Stop Using the “if” Word

GUEST POST by Melissa Johnston One of first movies to grace the Disney vault was the classic tale of Cinderella. If your family has not yet partaken of this vintage gem, do them a favor and download it, or dust off your VHS player and get ready to be dazzled once again. The stellar cast includes a beautiful young woman turned house slave, her evil controlling step-mother, and two obnoxious step-sisters with rumps that bounced like oversized beach balls behind them. The dynamic between these four pre-dated Dr. Phil, but gave us a peek inside early dysfunctional family life at its traditional worse. Our childlike minds witnessed how a parent and siblings could so easily sabotage their innocent family member’s dreams and keep them enslaved, tucked away, and far from their true potential. So wrong, yet so entertaining! Popcorn please… At Cinderella’s request to attend the upcoming royal ball, her step-mother appears to be kind and civil. Her response went something like “Well of course you can go to the ball Cinderella, no problem… If you (insert infinite list of chores) and have something suitable to wear (time to shine up those wooden clogs). Sounds reasonable, right? Ah, yes, but once Cinderella makes her exit, and the door is closed, the step-mother’s true intentions are revealed. This mother knows her daughters don’t have a chance up against beautiful good-charactered Cinderella at the ball. More importantly, she realizes that giving their full-time housemaid a taste of life outside the four walls of her confinement could open her eyes to a life of possibilities. She may be picked up by the prince and even gasp…discover her potential! This of course, would ruin everything, and so to keep control of Cinderella, she strategically plays her weapon, the “if” word when agreeing to Cinderella’s … Continue reading  GUEST POST: Three Reasons to Stop Using the “if” Word